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You Don’t Have to be a Fanatic to be Agile

Quite frequently, I hear folks in the Agile community splitting hairs over their favorite approaches to delivering products and services. There are those who will argue over whether or not one should be allowed to mention “Scrum” and “Lean” in the same paragraph, on the basis that Scrum’s focus is too narrow. And then there […more ]

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Is Agile Still Special?

Admit it.  You enjoy telling people that you’re an Agile “practitioner”, “coach”, or “evangelist”. It’s OK – I do too. I also enjoy reading a well-researched article in, say, the Harvard Business Review or the Wall Street Journal that validates what we do every day in the Lean-Agile community.  It shows that they want what […more ]

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You Can’t Scale What You Don’t Have

It can be easy to lose sight of what is truly important when diving head-first into an Agile transformation. A complex situation can convince us that we need to implement an equally complex solution, and too often, such a solution focuses us more on governance, compliance, and control than on working together to make good […more ]

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